Digital strategy, web design and ongoing support for an independent specialist school in Rochester.

Trinity School and College in Rochester enlisted the support of Luno for the design of a new website to communicate effectively with parents, local education authorities and staff as well as showcasing students work. New branding was required for the college along with the recently launched Gateway provision for learners aged 19 – 21 and a training center.

On-going support ensures that the School can focus on what they do best.

Supporting the company

We wanted to give Trinity School four separate but connected identities that carry the same brand message across the four main domains:


With a large amount of online information available visitors needed to be able to find information fast. Additionally, information needed to be presented in an easy to read format.

We designed context level sub menus that change according to the section a visitor is viewing ensuring that information is only a few clicks away:

Example: Two mouse clicks from any point in the website to download the Child protection policy.


A mobile friendly modern website designed around the traditional values of the School. A focus on user experience is key to ensuring that important information is at hand. Useful software features such as a dynamic calendar system provides a platform for the School to update events, parent evenings and School trips.

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