A website that boycotts clichéd elements seen on most financial advisor websites by focussing on one key element: nurturing a connection with it’s users.

Jessica Cook, private client adviser working in partnership with AES International, approached Luno having outgrown her Wix website.


The issue

Jessica wanted a redesign of her existing website which, although it served it’s purpose well over the years, had become dated and clunky.

After a few online Zoom meetings it became clear that the design needed to also help her to close more leads and make a connection long before contact was even made with her business.

The solution

Once we had a clear understanding of the users and potential clients one thing stood out clear – we needed to design a website that was more about the users so we needed a design language that resonated with potential clients.

We developed a cleaner, more concise and laser focused website designed to nurture leads. A website that balances professional with approachable; personable but not over familiar.

We were also able to import previous blog posts from Wix into WordPress.

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