WooCommerce Web Designers

Luno are a web design agency in Kent that specialises in the design and development of WooCommerce websites.

Why Woo?

Having designed websites on Shopify & Magento as well as other platforms in the past, nothing can beat the customisation options that WooCommerce offers.

If you want something truly unique, choose Woo

Your business is unique. So why settle for a shopify website that looks like every other shopify website?

Why is WooCommerce a good fit for your eCommerce website?

WooCommerce is scalable

WooCommerce can support online stores of all sizes and can scale from a handful of products, to tens of thousands of products; from a few customers a day, to thousands per hour.

WooCommerce is flexible

WooCommerce can be tailored in a way that other eCommerce platforms cannot. At Luno we have years of experience designing bespoke eCommerce websites using WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is easy to manage

Process orders with the least friction, linking up to, where necessary, a whole array of APIs from your favourite services (Royal Mail, MailChimp, Facebook and thousands more).

WooCommerce makes it easy to track sales

Whether via the app or direct on the backend of the website, get all the data you need to make business decisions at your fingertips.

WooCommerce is fast

WooCommerce takes advantage of modern web technologies like the latest PHP framework, plugins that load your content on CDN systems (like Amazon) and a clean codebase.

Why work with us?

We get to know you, your customers, your business roadblocks and we design a map to increase your orders..

Integrate with 100’s of apps

We have years of experience integrating WooCommerce websites into a wide suite of integrations, allowing you to work smarter saving time and money.