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Website care plans

Peace of mind and safeguarding for your website starting at just £49.99/month.

Website security

Websites small and large get hacked, it’s not nice to think about but unfortunately this is the world we live in and these problems are only increasing.

Last year over 60% of small business websites experienced a security breach.

Everyday security websites like Symantec release details of website exploits that are occurring around the world. For business-critical websites it’s important that these exploits are patched quickly. This is often a time-consuming process to check for errors in the website source-code, apply the security patch, test the website and release the update.

Our care plans are designed to be proactive and protect your website from threats. We will guarantee that, should the worst happen, we will get you back online with no additional cost.


Prevention is always better than a cure.

Our websites are built on a platform called WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system. Because of the number of distributions of WordPress (around 74 Million) the potential for exploits in the code can be worrying, however keeping WordPress updated with the latest version is key to preventing any attacks. It’s similar to you keeping your internet browser, operating system or antivirus up to date.

This is also a time consuming process to update the core for each and every website. For our customers on any of the security plans below we will keep everything up to date and fresh.


Premium website hosting included with all plans.

Taking regular backups is essential in any security plan. Our server is backed up everyday for all clients, regardless of whether they are on a security plan or not, but for those customers who want an extra layer of recovery, and for those businesses who rely heavily on enquires through their website in order to maintain a revenue stream, we offer a number of backup solutions which are detailed on the table below.

Our cloud based backup is the most secure as this provides a duplicate of each backup on both the server and on a secure cloud based server managed through DropBox Pro.

Our website care plans:


£49.99/month per website

Suitable for small sized websites.

  • Premium website hosting

  • Free SSL certificate

  • Plugin and wordpress updates

  • Basic website security

  • Monthly backups

  • 24/7 uptime monitoring


£169.99/month per website

Suitable for medium sized websites or small ecommerce stores.

  • Premium website hosting

  • Free SSL certificate

  • Advanced website security

  • Weekly backups

  • 24/7 uptime monitoring

  • Plugin and wordpress updates

  • Monthly security scanning with Wordfence basic

  • 30 min of update time per month


£299.99/month per website

Suitable for business-critical websites where the website is the main generator of revenue for the business.

  • Premium website hosting

  • Advanced website security

  • Daily backups

  • 24/7 uptime monitoring

  • Enhanced SSL certificate

  • Plugin and wordpress updates

  • 120 min of update time per month

  • Realtime security scanning with Wordfence professional licence

  • Real-time IP Blacklist

  • Real-time Firewall Rule Updates

  • Real-time Malware Signature Updates

  • Plugin & WordPress patches applied daily

  • Monthly speed optimisation

  • 30 min coaching/strategy meeting per month (phone or zoom)

  • Priority support

*custom plans are available for more complex needs


Acquire new customers or leads via our consistent, predictable and scalable method to turbocharge your business


from £399.99/month

  • SEO campaigns & management

  • Organic search growth

  • Content marketing

  • Competitor analysis & keyword tracking


from £499.99/month

  • PPC campaigns & management

  • Facebook/Instagram ads

  • Google ads

  • Linkedin ads

Your payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.


What is this service and how does it protect my website?2021-04-21T11:43:52+00:00

Our website care plans will ensure that your website is safe from hackers and always up and running. We take extra care in reducing the threat to your online presence and take a proactive approach to security. Our software continually monitors your website and instantly blocks incoming attacks. One of the key processes we implement is to continually update the core software version that runs your website (in most cases this is WordPress and any plugins installed).

Think of these plans like business insurance, the value is often in the unseen, but unlike insurance we are proactively working in the background to ensure your protection.

It’s worth noting that these plans are not just installing security software and letting it run, we manually login to your website and update the code (if needed), run diagnostics and follow industry level security precautions blocking IP addressed as and when it’s necessary. Someone is physically looking after your website all the time.

What plan should I choose?2021-04-21T11:44:26+00:00

Call us if unsure but it really depends on the size of your website, it’s complexity and how critical the website is to your business. Of course all websites are critical to each individual but some companies rely on enquiries generated from their website and any loss of service could have a detrimental effect on turnover.

What does the update time per month mean?2021-04-21T11:49:23+00:00

You can use this time to ask us to make changes to your website. For example, amending pages, adding new content or uploading blog posts for you.

Do I have to pay for hosting seperately?2021-04-21T11:42:49+00:00

No. Our care plans now include website hosting.

How is payment made?2021-04-21T11:41:28+00:00

Our website care plans are available to our clients on a direct debit basis from our provider GoCardless. GoCardless will appear on your bank statement along with our reference “LUNOLTD”

My business has different needs that are not listed. What plan should I go on?2021-04-21T11:51:06+00:00

Some businesses may need a bespoke plan so that we can put in place adequate support. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we can tailor a bespoke plan for you.

If in doubt get in touch: