A website designed to make it easy to book a stay and find out more information about the organisation

The naturist foundation is located in orpington, Kent and is one of the UK’s best equipped facilities for naturism. Nestled within 50 acres of lush woodland in North West Kent, The Naturist Foundation provide a warm and friendly welcome.

As a charity they depend on bookings for their camping field, chalet accommodation or caravans as well as a yearly membership.


Supporting the company

The trustees invited Luno over to the club when they realised that online bookings would dramatically reduce manual work and allow the charity to grow. During the first few rounds of meetings we set to work creating a new brand, logo and a website which promotes the values of the foundation and allows for a number of bespoke functionalities.

Project highlights:

  • Online booking system via WooCommerce
  • Event and calendar system
  • Logo and branding design
  • Diary system
  • eCommerce facility to take online payment for bookings
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