A coaching website designed for exceptional user experience to support people in their weight loss journey.

Claire Jones, author and weight loss coach, doesn’t dish out meal plans or exercise plans. Claire believes that dieting is just a sticking plaster and provides her clients with new knowledge and skills alongside new tools to change their behaviours and build confidence, and support them with better eating and exercise habits.

The issue

YourOneLife started life as a self built Wix website. Like so many of our clients, whilst using Wix was useful to get a website up and running to start with, it didn’t provide the company with any room to grow or make effective use of marketing activities.

The solution

Luno designed a custom WooCommerce website from the ground up capable of processing recurring membership payments, interactive quizzes, sales funnel landing pages as well a modern, brand led user experience.

Luno were able to amplify YourOneLife through well crafted and clever PPC advertising and helped to acquire new clients.

We were also able to import previous blog posts from Wix into WordPress.

Membership subscriptions

We made it easy for clients to find the right level of membership and to sign up to the YourOneLife accountability club in less than a minute.

We customised the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin which controls the recurring payment engine. This takes the headache of renewals, failed payments, change of card methods and other customer management tasks away from the company so that they can focus on supporting their clients with the programme, without worrying about the logistics.

I can’t believe I have been so lucky to find such a perfect partner for my business

Luno Web Design have been looking after my web design and marketing for almost 6 months now, with a website rebuild followed by an ongoing website maintenance, marketing and optimisation package.

I had been looking for someone who I could trust, who I got on with and who understood my business, what I want to achieve. They also understand the importance of authenticity in the very crowded industry that I work within, where it is difficult to build trust, and I think I have been really lucky to find Luno. They are local to me too so it is nice to be able to support another local business. They completely get me and what I am trying to do.

I had been reluctant to let go of looking after a lot of things in my business including my website and marketing as I like to be fully involved, but we have created a perfect partnership where we meet regularly to discuss progress and share ideas, and my business is now growing how it should and I am now reaching the people who need my help who before this had seemed so elusive.

Within the first 2 months my initial investment paid for itself and I am easily able to cover the ongoing monthly costs with the business I am now bringing in. I now realise how much I was getting in my own way by holding on to it all.

I can’t recommend Luno highly enough. They are highly responsive and truly care about supporting my business and my customers.

Claire Jones, Business Owner, YourOneLife

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